About The Education and Training Consortium

Founded in 2002, The Education and Training Consortium is an extensive and equal partnership of Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PCET) providers delivering professional HE qualifications of recognised excellence.

"The Consortium" is a partnership of 20 or so Further and Higher Education institutions across the north and south east of England. Each year they together provide thousands of staff and students in the education and training sector with professional development and qualifications from the University of Huddersfield - a higher education centre of excellence. Our intention is to develop and model good practice in cross-institutional and cross-sector collaboration.

Full Members are Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and Further Education Colleges (FECs) approved by the University to deliver its qualifications and who are allocated funded numbers by the Consortium to do so.


Origins of The Education and Training Consortium

Discover the origins and early years of Huddersfield College of Teacher Training and the evolution to what the Consortium is now.

Mission statement

Discover the mission statement, aim of the Consortium as well as the visions and values held by all partners within it.

Equality and Diversity

Discover the Equality and Diversity policies and procedures within the Consortium.