Training Needs Analysis

A requirement of the Reform Agenda and IfL recognition of ATLS/QTLS is that of Continuing Professional Development for teachers in the LLS. The IfL has stipulated that the CPD must comprise activities on which teachers can reflect.

The overarching objective of this is to identify the CPD needs of teachers in FE colleges and the Consortium presents an opportunity for greater networking and provides the opportunity to gather many and varied views from diverse stakeholders. This will include working with the Institute for Learning (IfL) in its deliberations on its framework for CPD.

Project aims:

  • To identify the CPD needs of teachers in FE colleges
  • To identify appropriate stakeholders whose views will feed into training needs analyses
  • To identify potential CPD models appropriate for FE Colleges


A report that includes:-

  • Analysis of the TNAs for CPD
  • Information for the development of CPD models
  • Recommendations to inform the debate of CPD issues as part of on-going developments undertaken at regional and national levels, including the IfL and the construction of the CPD framework.


The project will essentially involve the identification and interviewing of appropriate stakeholders to determine CPD needs of teachers in FE Colleges. This will be formulated through questionnaires, focus group discussions and interviews. We will seek to reflect the diverse nature of further education.

Action plan

Proposed activities


Date for completion

Formal project launch; action planning

Meeting(s); liaison with project manager

July 08

Identification of stakeholders

Consortium meeting; AoC HR Managers meeting; email; telephone

End July 08

Pilot of data collection processes

Development of questionnaires, focus group schedules, interview schedules; visits to conduct pilot focus group discussions and interviews; initial analysis

End Sept 08

Refinement of data collection processes; undertaking focus group discussions and interviews

Focus group discussions and interviews to be completed either in participant organisations or through good offices of the Consortium

End Nov 08

Analysis and reporting

Analysis transcribed materials; report written and submitted

End Dec 08




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