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The case for equality, and the benefits it brings to the PCET sector and wider community, is compelling (see suggested reference list ) . Although there have been improvements in equality and diversity opportunities with, for example, an increase in the proportion of BMEs (Black and Minority Ethnic) across the consortium partners, we need to be vigilant and continue our work in maintaining our efforts to maintain the standards.

Please note that the Steering Committee has recently issued a statement on equality and diversity urging everyone involved with the Consortium to do what they can  to assist with improving our practice by helping to ensure that the data we collect on ethnicity, gender and disability is as reliable and comprehensive as possible.

This section of the web site is part of the Consortium's commitment to enhancing equality and diversity in the sector. It provides:

  • Useful Links to relevant agencies, organisations and information sources (including resources for related learning and teaching).
  • Policies and Procedures (including the monitoring and evaluation of practice within CPCET in relation to equality and diversity.

Equality & Diversity in Teacher Education

Can CPD provide the link between policy and practice? Sandra Rennie (Equality & Diversity Consultant)

The contents of the curriculum we teach, the way we manage the classroom, our involvement in recruiting trainees and our contribution to college culture are all informed by Equality and Diversity policies.  In the past some staff may have felt that some Equality and Diversity Training was simply a “sheep –dipping” exercise to meet policy requirements. This workshop will look at what type of C.P.D support would be helpful for teacher educators wanting to make effective links between policy and practice.

Sandra Rennie is looking for Teacher Educators to trial some learning materials on Equality and Diversity on PCET courses. If you do decide to use some of these materials in a class, can you email comments about their effectiveness to Sandra Rennie at sandra@sequals.co.uk

You can also email Sandra your contact details if you would like to use other learning materials on Equality and Diversity in your class. As and when the materials are produced Sandra will send them to you for trial and review.

Equality & Diversity in Teacher Education

Embedding Equality and Diversity in the Academic Curriculum

Current Equality Legislation



Useful Links.

Equal Opportunities Useful bodies to consult include:

For further links to relevant agencies, try those available via the University's Equality and Diversity web site


Steering Committee - Equality and Diversity Action Plans


Project 2005/06

The Consortium supported 3 research projects over 2005-06, Equality & Diversity being one of them. Whilst the project focused on the Certificate in Education/PGCE course, the findings can be related to many other teaching and learning situations.

Equality & Diversity final report

First is an analysis of web sites of Consortium members that has arisen out of Sandra Rennie's current work on Equality and Diversity.

Equality Monitoring at Consortium for PCET Centres

- learning from the experience of people with disabilities – A research discussion paper


In January 2005 the Consortium undertook an analysis of the data available to it on the students and staff involved with its pathways. The report by Penny Noel "Enhancing Equality within the Consortium: An examination of data relating to ethnicity, disability and gender" is  available for CPCET tutors to examine.  The latest report is from the Equality and Diversity 2005/06

Progress in HE : HEFCE and the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) investigated how HE institutions have implemented race equality since they were required to have race equality schemes and action plans in place by May 2002. See  http://www.hefce.ac.uk.

The full report of the Commission for Black Staff in Further Education is "Challenging Racism:Further Education Leading the Way"(opens in new window).

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