13th PCET Consortium Annual Conference 2014 (#hudtec14)

"What is Vocational Pedagogy?"

Friday, 27th June, 2014 at University of Huddersfield

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This conference sought to bring together all those who are interested in and care about vocational pedagogy so they can hear from researchers, practitioners and leaders about the latest thinking surround vocational pedagogy and then join critical dialogue spaces to discuss possible ways forward, with the aim of agreeing some ‘praxis’ for the next academic year. This conference was of particular interest to vocational tutors, teacher educators, senior managers and leaders working in the FE and skills sector. 

Conference Programme

Timing Sessions
09:45 Registration and Refreshments
10:15 Welcome and Introduction
 Dr Denise Robinson, Director Consortium and HUDCETT

Keynote – The perfect education for a person like me: vocational education and the “ordinary”, the “overlooked”, and the under-served 50%
 Professor Ann-Marie Bathmaker, Professor of Vocational and Higher Education, University of Birmingham
Ann-Marie will explore the vexed problem of vocational education in England and its long-standing role as education for other people’s children. With renewed calls for improved vocational pathways, she will consider the dilemma that has haunted vocational education and those who are engaged in it for many years – does diversity provide greater opportunities for under-served and overlooked learners and students, or does it divert those students onto less-valued routes, that naturalise continuing inequalities in education and beyond.




Keynote – “What’s going on?” An overview of current research on vocational pedagogy
 Dr Kevin Orr, Reader in Work and Learning, University of Huddersfield
Kevin will provide a summary of the main research into vocational pedagogy since 2011 including Lucas et al.’s (2012) How to teach vocational education: a theory of vocational pedagogy and the 2013 Commission on Vocational Teaching and Learning report.


11:30 Break
11:50 Critical dialogue spaces
What have we heard? What do we make of it? What are we going to do about it?
12:20 Feedback from critical dialogue discussions
12:35 Lunch

Keynote – Industrial expert to a vocational tutor in the FE and skills sector: stories of transition
 Dr. Christine Warr, Lecturer in Teacher Education, Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education
Christine will be talking about her research into the transition from being an expert in a trade to  becoming a  vocational tutor in an further education college and what can be learned from this by managers, teacher educators and policy makers.

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Keynote – Developing and supporting outstanding vocational teachers at a further education college
 Charlie Deane, Principal, Bury College
Charlie will be sharing the strategies and initiatives he is leading to support and develop outstanding vocational teachers at his college.

AC14-4-CD-Teachers see themselves as evaluators of their effects on st (opens new window)

14:15 Break
14:30 Critical dialogue spaces.
What have we heard? What do we make of it? What are we going to do about it?

Feedback from critical dialogue discussions and key action points -

Tweets from groups - CDS-g1, CDS-g2, CDS-g3, CDSg4, CDSg5, and CDSg6

15:15 Evaluation and Close

Book Stall

There will be a book stall at this event promoting texts by staff associated with the Consortium.

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Conference Photos


Programme Photos

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