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In 2007, the University of Huddersfield attracted 45 partners to join it in a successful bid to become one of only 11 Centres for Excellence in Teacher Training for the (then known) Lifelong Learning Sector (LLS) that have been awarded across England by the DfES (as it was then).  The LLS incorporates further education colleges, work-based learning providers and adult and community learning.  There are now 10 CETTs.

The aim of the Centres for Excellence in Teacher Training

The original aim of the Centres for Excellence in Teacher Training (CETTs) was to enhance the quality of teacher training for those who are training to become teachers in the LLS.  This was part of the Government’s ‘Agenda for Reform’ that became operational from 1st September, 2007 but which has gone through various stages of development over the last 3 years, including a new qualifications framework. The CETTs have also extended their range of support to include CPD for practitioners.  A recent policy initiative has been to improve the training of maths, English and Learners of Difficulties and Disabilities (LDD) and instruments such as bursaries for pre-service trainees and Maths Enhancement programmes have been announced.  These will support improvements in the teaching of these subjects. 

The aims of HUDCETT

The main aim of HUDCETT is:

To enhance the ITT experience of trainees from a cross-regional area in northern England through means that focus on the professional development of their tutors and mentors, and on cross-sector and cross-institutional collaboration.
Its present 40+ members deliver awards from a number of different bodies with different awards.

HUDCETT activities

HUDCETT has and continues to work on a wide range of activities (including projects), including:

  1. Making the latest policy and strategy announcements to members.
  2. Providing a Newsletter twice per annum.
  3. Delivering conferences and events.  There is a 50% discount for HUDCETT members.
  4. Improving mentoring. Mentor training is available on-line and continues to be updated and improved.
  5. Leading on the publication of the peer refereed journal, Teaching in Lifelong Learning - This is supported by the CETTs.  The journal appears twice a year.  It provides a showcase for work undertaken by CETTs; it also supports research capacity building in practitioners.
  6. Creation of practical resources for all - Examples of the resources that are available from HUDCETT include CDs/DVDs on Observations, Equality & Diversity and Creativity in Teaching.  Some of these are still available for purchase and will be included in any new Associate Membership package. In addition, information about HUDCETT activities and projects can be accessed either via the HUDCETT website, or can be requested from HUDCETT, including reports (both good practice and research-based) on completed projects.
  7. Working with the Association of CETTs (ACETT) and other CETTs across England.

Future developments for HUDCETT

  • Continue to work with the Association of CETTs (ACETT) in influencing policy and strategy on the FE and Skills sector (including the Education and Training Foundation) and support for the professional development of practitioners and teacher educators in the sector.
  • Support bids and operational aspects of projects won by ACETT
  • Broaden the composition of HUDCETT to increase the proportion of ACL/Voluntary Sector and small-scale WBL providers among the members. We have worked with WBL Networks on the APEL/Bridging (2012) and the iPDP (2013) projects.
  • Exploit the opportunities provided by large scale provision, and the potential of ICT, to ensure support for dispersed trainees and teacher educators.  In particular, we have supported and will continue to support the use of the provision of tablet PCs in terms of incorporation into teaching and learning.

Membership of HUDCETT – via Associate membership

Membership of HUDCETT is now available via Associate membership (£150 p.a.); this offers access to a range of services, including a 50% reduction in conference/events charges and a free copy of present resources (see above) will be made available to new members.

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