Education and Professional Development BA/BA(Hons)

See the video introductions below

This film provides an overview of the first year of the BA in Education and Professional Development and what support is available for new students doing the degree in Huddersfield

Transition films for Year 2 students

These 5 films have been made to help you prepare for the second year of the course. I have provided a short explanation for each of the films to introduce it for you, and each film has an activity (or activities) for you to complete when you have watched the film. The activities can be found in the zip file we have emailed to you.

1. Transition film

This is the first film and it provides an overview of the year ahead.

Transcripts for Film 1: Transition

2. Research Methodologies film

This is the second film and it introduces some of the main ideas you will be looking at in the module and outlines how you will be assessed.

Transcripts for Film 2: Research Methodologies

3. What is educational research film

This is the third film and it provides you with an explanation of the different types of educational research.

Transcripts for Film 3: What is educational research?

4. Carrying out your research film

This is the fourth film and it describes a 9 stage research cycle that can be used when carrying out a piece of research.

Transcripts for Film 4: Carrying out your research

5. Research questions film

This is the fifth film and it explains what to consider when writing a research question.

Transcripts for Film 5: Research Questions

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